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Skåneleden – Nord till sydleden – Entire route

Long-Distance Hiking · Skåne
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  • Skåneleden Romeleåsen
    Skåneleden Romeleåsen
    Photo: Mickael Tannus

Nord-sydleden is one of five stages of the 1000 km long Skåneleden long-distance hiking trail. The route through the beautiful cultural and natural landscape consists of 21 stages and leads from Hårsjö in the north to Trelleborg in the south.

Distance 198.2 km
49:17 h
1,151 m
1,259 m
165 m
4 m

The second stage of the Skåneleden long-distance hiking trail leads us from the northernmost point of Hårsjö to the southernmost point of Trelleborg on the Baltic Sea coast with orange trail markings. On our way we will encounter the flora and fauna of Skåne, which is rich in species and is characterized by dense beech forests and numerous rivers and bathing lakes. This stage also offers some cultural highlights. A path lined with old castles and ruins, around which numerous sagas revolve, awaits us here. We can drink from magical springs and walk on old robber paths, while historical stone buildings slowly merge with nature.

Author’s recommendation

A visit to the "Torup slott" at stage 17. The Renaissance castle, which belongs to the town of Malmö, can even be visited.

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Update: July 28, 2023
Highest point
165 m
Lowest point
4 m
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Hårsjö (115 m)
56.313073, 13.581738
56°18'47.1"N 13°34'54.3"E
33V 412265 6241828



Turn-by-turn directions

Stage 1: Hårsjö to Olastorp

Hårsjö is the northernmost point of this stage. A forest road and winding roads lead us south to the first destination Olastorp. The scenic trail is characterized by hilly spruce forest and small streams, which give us a quiet start to the tour away from the populated area.


Stage 2: Olastorp to Vedema

On the second stage in southern direction forest and water accompany us alternately. The hiking and gravel paths meander through the forest landscape of Göinge, past impressive stone buildings and living water. We also pass a recreation area with low moor and impressive bird species.


Stage 3: Vedema to Hässleholmsgården

From Vedema to Hässleholmsgården you go up and down past old castles. In southeast direction we first cross the motorway 21, before we cross the tracks and then walk past Finjasjön Lake towards Hässleholm. In the northern part we walk on small forest paths past waterfalls, while in the south several jogging paths through wide clearings and pastures await us.


Stage 4: Hässleholmsgården to Rännarehusen

The fourth stage takes us further south through Skåne's beech forests, past a variety of birds and plants. The trail from Hässleholm to Rännarehusen is always on the right side of Finjasjön Lake.


Stage 5: Rännarehusen to Lillsjödal

Over the Göinge ridge, which impresses with a high beech density, we hike further south to Lillsjödal. Passing the idyllic village of Tormestorp, the fifth stage of Nord-sydleden takes us through Skåne's forest landscape. The gravel roads lead us towards the end of the stage to near-natural pastures and reward us with wide views of the region's numerous bathing lakes.


Stage 6: Lillsjödal to Maglebjär

On gravel paths we walk past the Ängskrona nature reserve, which captivates with its biological diversity. The wooded and sparsely populated stage takes us further south towards Långstorp, past Vaxsjön Lake, which is perfect for fishing and swimming. A visit to Skånes djurpark Zoo at the end of the tour is very rewarding as you can see impressive Nordic animals.


Stage 7: Maglebjär to Onsvalakällan

From Maglebjär the path leads us loop-like over the railway tracks around the village of Sjunnerup. Settlements and old plantations settle along the way. A highlight of the tour is the old spring Onsvalakällan, whose water is said to have a magical effect.


Stage 8: Onsvalakällan to Bjeveröd

Dense beech forests accompany our way further south to Bjeveröd, where the remains of the farm Bjeverödsgården with mill, sawmill and small distillery can be found.


Stage 9: Bjeveröd to Hörby Ringsjöstrand

The paths running south to the next destination lead through a wooded recreation area. We pass a nature centre with information boards about the diverse flora and fauna of Skåne. The footbridges there lead over otherwise inaccessible terrain. At the end of the stage, we first walk past the town of Hörby before heading west on a disused railway embankment to our stage destination, which is located directly on Skåne's second largest lake, Östra Ringsjön.


Stage 10: Hörby Ringsjöstrand to Rövarekulan

This stage leads us first in a westerly direction below the lake Östra Ringsjön. The cycling and hiking trails run parallel to Skåne's second largest lake. The second half of the stage continues south past Gundmontorp, where there is the Kungskällan spring, named after a visit by King Charles XIV John at the beginning of the 19th century. We then cross the E22 to reach our destination.


Stage 11: Rövarekulan to Höghult

This stage runs through Skåne's wide landscape. At the beginning, we walk past Rövarekulan's nature reserve and cross the meandering Bråån River, which has slate stones on the banks. Through the town of Löberöd we hike further south to our destination Höghult.


Stage 12: Höghult to Krankesjön

This path leads us along a disused railway embankment to a real knight's castle. We first pass a wooded area to the south before reaching the town of Harlösa. Towards the end of the stage we reach the Krankesjön lake, on the left bank of which we walk to the stage finish.


Stage 13: Krankesjön to Väderkullen

We hike through flat terrain to the next destination Väderkullen. The path leads us first in a straight direction to the west. We pass the town of Torna-Hällestad and continue south along the nature reserve towards Björnstorp. There we cross the railway tracks and walk east, past the Ugglarpssjörn Lake, to our destination Väderkullen.


Stage 14: Väderkullen to Allmänningen

The hiking trails of this stage lead us further south through the steep terrain of Romeleåsen, a mountain range with a special geological formation. We pass the second highest point of the ridge and follow the wooded area with isolated clearings to our destination.


Stage 15: Allmäningen to Glamberga

A historical stage of the tour that passes old mills and church buildings. The trail starts west between the town of Genarp and Häckebergersjön through a nature reserve. In a generous left turn, the trail leads south to our stage destination Glamberga.


Stage 16: Glamberga to Eksholmssjön

The open and hilly landscape of this stage ends at the camp site directly at a forest lake to the west. This lake captivates with its dark, almost black colour. The trees on the shore and hanging over the water create a picture of a rainforest in the middle of Skåne.


Stage 17: Eksholmssjön to Torup

The hiking trails in the west lead to the heavily populated Bokskogen trail network. Several lakes and moors provide a varied hike. The trail runs through the town of Holmeja above Lake Yddingesjön and past a golf course. In a northerly direction there is the stage destination Torup.


Stage 18: Torup to Malmö Bulltofta

On this stage we move to the edge of Malmö. From Torup, a much-travelled path leads west into the centre of this area. Passing the town of Bara, we finally reach the densely populated area on cycle paths.


Stage 19: Bilarp to Simontorp

From Bilarp we walk east towards Dörröd, where we cross the Romeleåsen mountain range. Passing the Milgården golf course and the nature reserve, we continue over pastures to our destination Simontorp.


Stage 20: Simontorp to Snogeholm

The small roads to the east lead us through the Skåne lake landscape. On the slightly hilly and partly sandy stage we first walk above Lake Sövdesjön to the village of Sövde and then follow the right bank south to Snogeholm.


Stage 21: Torup to Trelleborg

The last stage always leads us south to the town of Trelleborg on the Baltic coast. First we get to the town of Svedala before crossing the railway tracks and passing through Skåne's varied landscapes at Fru Alstad, Virestad and Fjärdingslöv. The stage destination is located to the left of the city centre and the railway lines directly on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

Public transport

The nearest train station is in the town of Vittsjö, above our starting point. Hårsjö can be reached on foot via the Kust till Kustleden.


56.313073, 13.581738
56°18'47.1"N 13°34'54.3"E
33V 412265 6241828
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Solid, comfortable hiking boots; sports and practical clothing; windproof and waterproof overgarments; rucksack; camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking utensils); sufficient drinks and provisions; first aid kit (band-aids, bandages, mosquito repellents, painkillers, blister band-aids)

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198.2 km
49:17 h
1,151 m
1,259 m
Highest point
165 m
Lowest point
4 m
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