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Updates COVID 19 & actual informations

The great landscape and the wonderful views invite you to experience nature, mountain landscapes and everything around it. But this of course in compliance with the provisions and orders of the federal government of Austria and the state of Tyrol. With us, every small and large, young and old visitor will find peace, relaxation and what makes a vacation - and that away from mass tourism! With the best care and our full commitment, starting with our landlords, through our restaurants and alps to our personal service.

UPDATE: Current infos & rules (as of October 10, 2022)

There are currently only a few corona restrictions in Jungholz. However, the following applies always and everywhere: be considerate of everyone, take personal responsibility and make your contribution to general togetherness. This is the only way we can make our own contribution to a stable situation in the future.

The corona protection measures have largely been lifted in Austria.

However, the following provisions are still valid:

  • No proof of access
  • No general FFP2 mask requirement (since June 1st)
  • FFP2 mask requirement only in hospitals

Public transport situation:


There is no mask requirement on the Austrian side. However, due to our proximity to Germany and the corresponding connection to public transport, wearing a mask is mandatory on the buses.

UPDATE: Gastronomy (as of October 10, 2022)

Restaurants, pubs & huts

Photo: Jungholz Tourismus
The Covid measures have largely been lifted in Austria. In principle, you then no longer need a G-proof for visiting a restaurant in Jungholz.


Current regulations:

  • Night gastronomy, stand-up gastronomy and bar operations are permitted again
  • No general FFP2 mask requirement indoors, only a recommendation (here the house rules apply - each operator can set their own rules )
  • Created and proven prevention concepts and COVID officers are retained everywhere

UPDATE: Hotels, holiday apartments, guest rooms (as of October 10, 2022)

Photo: Benedikt Wachter, Jungholz Tourismus
The Covid measures have largely been lifted in Austria. In principle, you then no longer need a G-proof to check in at your accommodation, regardless of whether it is a hotel, guesthouse or holiday apartment.


Current regulations:

  • No general obligation to wear FFP2 masks indoors, just a recommendation (the domiciliary rules apply here - each operator can set their own rules)
  • Created and proven prevention concepts and COVID officers are retained everywhere

Current informations & rules for the ski season (as of October 10, 2022)

Photo: Skilifte Jungholz
Together and safely through the ski season


Current regulations:

  • G-proof is no longer required for the Jungholzer ski lifts


Safety measures can be found on the website of the Jungholz ski lifts

More information from official offices

In order to always be up to date, you can of course get information from the official offices of the countries.

We can only do it together!

In order to be able to guarantee you the best possible vacation or day trip, we have taken all possible measures to be able to welcome you as safely as possible and in compliance with the Corona regulations. What measures are implemented for mountain railways, tourism, gastronomy, hosts and many more take to achieve the goal together? We will always keep you up to date and as quickly as possible and keep you informed!


BUT: We can only to this together with you!

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Restaurants in and around Jungholz

Every holiday in Jungholz also includes the right food. Here we show you a variety of places to stop for a break. Regardless of whether it is culinary, rustic or romantic, there is something for everyone!

Arrival/Getting there to Jungholz in the Tannheimer Tal

The idyllic village of Jungholz can be reached in the following ways: Option 1: Exit A 7 Oy-Mittelberg, on the B310 towards Wertach, take the Jungholz exit on the left.

E-charging stations in Jungholz

Electromobility is an important, advancing topic that is becoming more and more important. The municipality of Jungholz has accordingly decided to offer its guests charging options in the village and to install them.

Wintertouren in und rund um Jungholz

Wer war schon einmal in Jungholz? Der Geheimtipp für Urlauber die Ruhe und Geborgenheit suchen, aber auf die grandiose Winternatur und das Vergnügen nicht missen wollen.

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